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This is a listing of some recent papers by Dr. Paul Rich. Please note that this list is not complete. Most of the papers are draft copies, often without footnotes.

Please note: When clicking on the link of a paper, a new browser window will open! The entries labeled with PDF icon require the free Acrobat Reader (nowadays it is already installed on most systems).

Selected Papers

Publishing on Demand: Who will be the Gatekeepers? PDF icon

Faculty Enrichment Report: Visit to Canada by Professor Paul Rich

Is there a North American History and Culture? PDF icon

Freemasonry, the Greeks, and Stepping PDF icon

Latin American Education's Computer Crisis: Putting Computing into the Social Science Syllabus PDF icon

The Egyptian Influence on Nineteenth-Century Freemasonry PDF icon

French Perspectives on Mexican Secret Societies (Albuquerque 2001 PCA/ACA Conference) PDF icon

Dr. Rich's 2000 LASA Panels

El Rol de las Organizaciones No Gubernamentales y la Sociedad Civil en la Nueva Democracia Mexicana PDF icon

Dr. Rich's 1999 APSA papers

Dr. Rich's 1999 PCA/ACA papers

Dr. Rich's 1999 ISA papers

Dr. Rich's 1998 LASA papers

Voegelin and Democratization Issues

Researching Grandfather's Secrets: Rummaging in the Odd Fellow and Masonic Attics

Opus Dei as a Political Force in Post Cold War Latin America: Civil Society, Associationalism, and Democracy

The Internet Insurrection: Chiapas and the Laptop



Masonry, Masonries, and Historical Problems of Pluralism: The Prince Hall and Mexican Examples

The Virgin Queen's Revenge: History, Mercantilism, and Globalization

The Internationalization of American Religions: Mormonism and Mexico

Endowing the Popular Culture Movement: The Development of Popular Culture as a Discipline

The Lady in the Clock: A Gentle Craft, Gender, and Change

The Rise of the College Fraternity in the US: Greeks Amongst Americans

The Amaranth`s Struggle with the Eastern Star: Sisters But Enemies

Mexican Education and Mexico´s Current Crises

Black Women Freemasons

Popular Culture and Reconstructing Multi-Tiered Reality

The Crisis in Mexican Federalism

Masonic and Other Secret Ritualistic Society Archival Sources- and Possibilities for International Studies

Masonry and the Middle East

Endowing The Popular Culture Movement

Freemasonry and the Other Secret Ritualistic Societies

Volunteerism, Internationalism, and the Greeks; Fukuyama´s Social Capital Thesis

Mexican Caricature and the Politics of Popular Culture

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

The Evolution of Masonic Temple: Architecture of Cabalism and Community

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